4 inmates escape prison, 1 caught 3 at large

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4 inmates escaped from a prison in northern Thailand’s Phetchabun Province early this morning. So far, 1 inmate has been caught, but 3 more inmates are still enjoying their freedom.

The prison break was first reported around 3 am, says local police.

Police and prison officials immediately set out to reincarcerate the escaped inmates. Local police stations were also notified to help capture the escapees.

Then, around 3 after the escapees were first reported missing, 35 year old Vacharin Chanboon was reportedly captured. Thai media says that Vacharin was found hiding in a school in Muang district. It was not reported if he was using the time to brush up on academic pursuits or was merely seeking refuge from his pursuers.

The remaining 3 escapees are still at large. They are 40 year old Pataradanai Suesiridamrong,, 21 year old Krisda Kongkhao, and 18 year old Thanadol Tantivanicharoen.

It has not been stated by what sophisticated or simple means the inmates used to escape their confinement.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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