YouTubers’ motorbikes spotted on Chiang Mai route on Google

Photo courtesy of Sanook

Google Street View captured two stylish motorbikes on the Chiang MaiMae Hong Son route, instantly recognised by netizens as belonging to popular YouTubers. The sighting has delighted fans who spotted their idols on the virtual map.

Google Street View vehicles, known for capturing 360-degree panoramic images of locations for Google Maps, have a reputation for documenting everything in their path. This includes streets, houses, and even people and animals that happen to be in the frame when the vehicle passes by. To comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) faces and license plates captured by the camera are blurred to protect privacy.

In May, fans of YouTubers Cullen and Jung from the channel Cullen HateBerry noticed the duo riding through Mae Hong Son in one of their videos. This led to speculation that they might appear on Google Street View.

Recently, a fan checked Google Street View along Highway 1095 in Pa Pae subdistrict, Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai, and found two motorbikes cruising down the road. The motorbikes were immediately identified as Cullen’s and Jung’s, making it an iconic moment for fans, reported Sanook.

“The trip has become legendary because they ended up on the map by pure chance, and it made our hearts swell with joy.”

In related news, intrigue surrounded the visa status of popular Korean YouTubers, P’ Jung and Cullen, as a prominent lawyer’s query ignites discussions on their prolonged stay in Thailand. Recent sightings at the Ministry of Labour add to the mystery.

In other news, a Thai lawyer warned a YouTuber about possible jail time after she shared her spooky experience while travelling in Hong Kong. The YouTuber claimed that a ghostly figure had appeared in the mirror selfie she captured. The 39 year old half Thai, half Swiss YouTuber caused a stir on Thai social media with her selfie photo shared on Twitter.

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