Korean YouTuber ignites trend for Chanthaburi’s Nam Mapied drink

A young Korean YouTuber sparked a trend with his latest video featuring the refreshing and tangy Nam Mapied drink, a speciality of Chanthaburi Province. The power of social media influencers to set trends and capture the public’s imagination is undeniable, as demonstrated by Cullen Hateburry’s recent excursion to Chanthaburi province.

Alongside his companions, known as Pee Jung and Nong Dan, the group’s adventurous journey was documented on the YouTube channel Hateburry, captivating viewers with a range of local activities and culinary delights.

In a recent visit, the group immersed themselves in the province’s rich offerings, engaging in activities such as riding in the back of a pickup truck to harvest fruit and digging for precious gemstones. However, it was their culinary exploration that left a lasting impression.

The team indulged in local dishes such as Gaeng Moo Chamuang (pork curry with Chamuang leaves), Pad Mee Poo (stir-fried noodles with crab), and the highlight of their trip, the Nam Mapied drink. Their enthusiastic reaction to the drink’s unique flavour was so infectious that viewers couldn’t help but share in their excitement.

Nam Mapied, also known to many as Citrus hystrix, Som Jeed, or kaffir line, is a staple ingredient in Chanthaburi’s kitchens. Despite its small size, the fruit packs a punch with a sourness comparable to that of a lime.

A traditional alternative to lime in many dishes due to its easy availability and cost-effectiveness, this citrus fruit bears a distinctive aroma that has won the hearts of those who try it.

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The transformation of Nam Mapied into a beverage is a familiar treat for the locals of Chanthaburi. The drink, characterised by a strong, leading sour taste followed by sweetness, is both aromatic and refreshing.

Perfect for the hot Thai climate, consumers often customise it with honey, oranges, lime, or any preferred fruit. In the video, Cullen’s group was served a variation of the drink with lychee, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, it can be mixed with salt to create a remedy for coughs and help expel phlegm.

Taiwanese connoisseurs have recommended Nam Mapied as one of seven summer drinks that are both delicious and waistline-friendly, further testament to the drink’s appeal.

These recommended beverages, including the Nam Mapied, are readily available in Thailand, offering a delightful way to quench thirst and experience local flavours without the guilt of excessive calories, reported Sanook.

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