Thai woman crashes car into factory wall after fortune teller’s warning

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A 25 year old Thai woman miraculously survived a severe car accident after her vehicle collided with a factory wall in the Mueang district of Chachoengsao province today. An eyewitness revealed that the driver, Chalita, seemed to have dozed off at the wheel, while her mother claimed to have received warnings about the incident from a fortune teller.

Upon receiving a report of a crashed car along the Chachoengsao-Suwinthawong Road, local authorities and rescue teams arrived at the scene. They found a white Nissan Almera with the licence plate 3 ขฆ4775 Bangkok that had slammed into a factory wall in the area. The car’s front was heavily damaged from the impact.

Chalita suffered minor wounds and neck pain from the accident. First responders and residents assisted in transporting her to Kasemrad Hospital. Before the crash, she had enjoyed a meal with friends near Suwinthawong market and later dropped them off in Mueang Chachoengsao.

A 17 year old witness, Wasin, recalled riding his motorcycle towards the Nham Daeng district when the incident occurred. He saw the car speeding and narrowly avoiding a collision with his bike. Chalita swerved to the right, almost hitting a central barrier, then turned left, causing the car to skid and crash into the factory wall. Wasin speculated that she might have dozed off briefly and overcorrected upon waking up, resulting in the accident.

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Upon learning of her daughter’s misfortune, Chalita’s mother rushed to the scene. She expressed shock over the incident, mentioning that she felt a premonition and called Chalita multiple times. Before the accident, a fortune teller cautioned her that her daughter would experience an accident during this transitional period in her life. Despite taking Chalita to make merit regularly, her mother did not anticipate such a heart-wrenching incident. However, she remains grateful that her daughter escaped with her life.

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