Farang allegedly damages Pattaya salon, claims ownership of girlfriend’s former business

Photo by The Pattaya News.

A salon owner in Pattaya recently faced a series of attacks from a farang who claimed ownership of her establishment. The 35 year old woman, Nijada Korby, took legal ownership of the salon from the foreigner’s girlfriend and opened her business on May 27. However, the foreign man began to cause trouble, attempting to destroy the salon.

Nijada reported the first incident to the Pattaya City Police and provided video evidence. Despite this, the foreign man returned to the salon yesterday. He attempted to destroy the salon, lock the door with his lock and key and threw chairs around the vicinity while yelling, scaring customers away.

Nijada contacted the previous salon owner, who said she was unable to understand her boyfriend, and that she had made it clear that the salon was legally sold and transferred, The Pattaya News reported.

Pattaya Police have not released the names of the foreign man and his girlfriend, citing an ongoing investigation. Nijada and local vendors in the area are concerned about the foreign man, fearing that he may be dangerous and emotionally unstable. The police have encouraged the male suspect to come to the Pattaya Police Station to explain his side of the story.

The situation has caused distress for both the salon owner and the local community. It remains to be seen how the Pattaya Police will handle this case and if the foreign man will come forward to provide his perspective on the matter.

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