Yala neighbour dispute over rain gutter leads to deadly shooting

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A neighbourhood dispute over a faulty rain gutter yesterday escalated into a deadly shooting, resulting in the death of a Yala immigration police officer and injuries to the gunman.

The incident took place at 4pm in Sateng, Mueang Yala District, Yala Province. Authorities arrived at the scene following reports of a violent altercation involving firearms.

Police discovered the body of a Yala immigration officer, Anuchart, who had been shot multiple times by the gunman, 38 year old Thawatchai. Also a neighbour, Thawatchai sustained gunshot wounds to his left leg and hip. He was taken to Yala Hospital for treatment under police custody, pending further investigation.

Initial investigations revealed that the two men had been neighbours with an ongoing dispute regarding a damaged rain gutter. The faulty gutter had repeatedly caused rainwater to splash into Thawatchai’s house, leading to repeated arguments.

Despite Anuchart’s numerous attempts to repair the gutter, the issue remained unresolved, acting as a catalyst for their disputes.

Yesterday, the situation escalated when Thawatchai confronted Anuchart about the gutter once again. The argument intensified, leading Thawatchai to retrieve a gun from his house and fatally shoot Anuchart.

Witnessing the gruesome murder of her husband, Anuchart’s wife grabbed his gun and fired back at Thawatchai, injuring him, marking a tragic end to a seemingly minor disagreement among neighbours, reported KhaoSod.

Police and forensic teams carried out a thorough examination of the scene, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. The body of Anuchart has been sent to the hospital for an autopsy, while Thawatchai remains under medical supervision with police guards stationed by his hospital room.

In related news, a woman, frustrated by her disruptive neighbours, decided to sell her house for 1.5 million baht, below market value, to escape the ongoing issues. She shared her story, highlighting the noise and inconvenience caused by her neighbours, on a popular Facebook page.

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