Python pandemonium: Man ambushed by a den of 13 serpents

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In a scene that would have been more fitting in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, a den of 13 pythons swarmed into a home in Kamphaeng Phet and attacked a 34 year old man. Rescue workers captured the snakes and transported the injured man to the hospital for further treatment.

According to a Facebook post by Ton Pikulthong, the headman of Khong Wilai village in Khlong Khlung subdistrict, Khlong Khlung district, Kamphaeng Phet province, the incident occurred at 7.51pm yesterday, June 11.

The Sawang Khlong Wilai rescue unit received a report from the Sawang Kamphaeng Phet radio centre that a large number of pythons had entered a residence at house number 52/4, Moo 4, Khong Wilai village. During their incursion, the snakes bit a resident, causing injury. The rescue team quickly dispatched their BLS unit to investigate and capture the snakes, securing all 13 in sacks.

Upon further inspection, the injured individual was identified as 34 year old Khomkrit. He had been bitten on the tip of his left index finger and was experiencing dizziness, although he remained conscious. The rescue team provided initial first aid before transporting him to Khlong Khlung Hospital for additional medical care.

“The post has been shared in the group All About Thailand Snakes, where members confirmed that the pythons are non-venomous.”

The startling invasion has drawn significant attention from residents and online communities. Many are curious about the circumstances that led to such a large number of pythons entering a single household. While pythons are common in Thailand, it is unusual for so many to be found in one place at the same time.

Local authorities have been alerted to the situation and are likely to investigate further to ensure residents’ safety in the area. The rescue team’s swift action in capturing the pythons and providing immediate care to the injured man has been praised by the community.

“We have handled snake incidents before, but this is the first time we’ve encountered so many at once.”

Residents in the vicinity are urged to remain vigilant and report any further sightings of snakes to the local authorities, reported Sanook.

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