Worker fatally electrocuted during rainstorm while retrieving equipment

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A 35 year old man died in Ratchaburi after trying to retrieve electrical equipment during heavy rain. Authorities found his lifeless body beside a large electrical box, with his left index finger on an outlet.

On May 24, Police Lieutenant Santiphol Nuuchua, an investigative officer at Bang Phae Police Station, in Ratchaburi, received a report about a man who had been electrocuted at a construction site of a factory in Bang Phae Subdistrict, Ratchaburi Province. Together with a medical examiner and a rescue team from the Ruam Jai Foundation, they proceeded to investigate.

At the scene, they discovered the body of a 35 year old man, a resident of Pha Nok Khao Subdistrict, Phu Kradueng District, Loei Province. He was lying face-up on a wet cement floor adjacent to a large electrical welding box, without wearing any shoes. An uncovered electrical outlet was placed on his chest, and his left index finger was positioned on the outlet with a burn mark.

Suporn, 39 years old and a fellow worker, told the authorities that the deceased was a technician who likely went out to collect electrical equipment after noticing the rain at midnight. Unfortunately, he was electrocuted, and his body was not discovered until the morning. His body was sent to the hospital for further examination, and the investigation is ongoing according to the law.

About two months ago in Khon Kaen province, a man presumably trying to steal an electrical cable, unfortunately, faced a fatal electrocution during the act. He was discovered holding an electric wire in his hand, leading to the assumption that he was a thief attempting to steal cable from the building.

A few months ago, a young Thai man was found dead in his room in Bangkok, holding a mobile phone that was charging. The investigation revealed that he was electrocuted due to a damaged extension cable, with some metal parts missing.

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