Buriram locals spooked as possessed medium pigs out on raw pork

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Villagers in Buriram held a traditional ceremony at an over 100 year old shrine, offering various foods to honour ancestral spirits. During the event, an 80 year old medium, believed to be possessed, startled attendees by eating raw pork.

A video posted by a Facebook user named Khun Chai Khun Chai Nimsuwan captured the unusual ceremony.

“This belief has been passed down since the times of our ancestors in the Isaan region.”

The clip shows the 80 year old medium, referred to as Grandmother Sa-ard consuming raw pork in front of the villagers, who believe she was possessed by a spirit.

Reporters visited Ban Tai Pattana in Nang Rong district, Buriram province, where the ceremony took place. They found the shrine, known as Grandfather Pia and Grandmother Sroi Shrine, located beside a large Bodhi tree, surrounded by various offerings. Villagers regard this shrine as a sacred place, believed to be over a century old, where they frequently come to pray for success in work, finances, and personal matters.

A former village headman, 70 year old Pin Chakkrasin shared that the shrine has undergone renovations approximately three times. He mentioned that the villagers uphold the tradition of making merit at the shrine every year, offering savoury and sweet foods to the spirits.

“The shrine is highly revered by the community. I’ve known it since I was born, and it’s always been a part of our village. We come to make merit and offer food to the spirits, hoping for blessings in return.”

Raw pork-eating

During the most recent ceremony, the villagers began their day with the usual almsgiving to monks. This was followed by traditional rituals, including the spirit possession ceremony. Grandmother Sa-ard, the medium, reportedly picked up a piece of raw pork and consumed it, leading the villagers to believe that a spirit was partaking in the offerings.

Somchai Nimsuwan, who recorded the ceremony, explained that he attended the event to make merit at the shrine. He witnessed the possession, describing how the spirit, believed to be a Pee Ha, a hungry ghost, took over the medium’s body. Despite being asked about its origin, the spirit remained silent, focusing only on the raw pork.

“It’s a personal belief, but I respect it. Even though I can’t see the spirits, I have faith in the shrine. Whenever I go out to sell goods, I always pay my respects and ask for good sales.”

The shrine is not only a place for individual prayers but also a communal focal point where students and workers come to seek academic and professional success. Many have returned to fulfil their vows by offering items they had promised once their wishes were granted, reported KhaoSod.

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