Kalasin villagers launch rockets in ceremony to predict rainfall

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Residents of Kalasin recently held a traditional ceremony to honour sacred spirits at the ancient site of Non Ban Kao, in Ban Tum Village, Yang Talat District. The event featured the launching of rockets to predict rainfall, a practice deeply rooted in the region’s cultural heritage.

A member of the Bua Ban Subdistrict Municipality, Yada Phunasi, along with two village heads, led the community in the ceremony. The villagers, including youth groups and traditional dancers, gathered to perform rituals and offer prayers at the sacred shrines of Poo Hor Tai and Hor Nuea.

The ceremony involved building sand pagodas, planting colourful flags, sprinkling powder, and launching rockets to seek blessings and predict the weather. This event marks the annual Boon Boerk Ban, an important tradition observed by the Isan people, reflecting customs passed down through generations.

The atmosphere was filled with warmth, camaraderie, and joy, with everyone feeling spiritually fulfilled.

The Kalasin ceremony aimed to bring good fortune to the community before they dispersed to engage in rice farming. It was held at the ancient site Non Ban Kao, which the villagers believe to be the dwelling place of spirits which are thought to protect and bring prosperity to the community.

Village heads prayed for the happiness and prosperity of all villagers, asking for timely rains to support their primary occupations of rice farming and prawn cultivation.

Lottery enthusiasts were also present, keen on interpreting the auspicious numbers from the incense sticks used in the rituals. The numbers 5, 6, and 7 were prominently visible, creating a buzz among the participants, who hoped to use these numbers in the upcoming lottery draw scheduled for June 16, reported KhaoSod.

This annual event underscores the villagers’ deep-rooted beliefs and traditions, serving as a reminder of the importance of cultural heritage. The Boon Boerk Ban ceremony not only seeks divine blessings but also strengthens community bonds, ensuring the continuation of these cherished customs for future generations.

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