Thai woman attacked by homeless man near On Nut BTS Station

Photo by Mingjupimpisa via Bright TV

A Thai woman took to TikTok on Sunday to issue a warning and seek justice after a homeless man randomly attacked and punched her in the face, under On Nut BTS Station in Bangkok.

The victim, Pimpisa, also known as Mingju, recounted the attack in a video shared on her TikTok account, @mingjupimpisa. The incident occurred on a footpath under the On Nut BTS Station on Sunday night, July 7.

Pimpisa explained that she was returning home by BTS Skytrain and walking to her condominium near the station when she encountered the homeless man. As she walked, Pimpisa heard the man repeatedly shouting at her, “Why are you looking at me?”

Pimpisa said she ignored the shouting, thinking a fight broke out behind her, and walked faster. Unfortunately, the shouting grew closer, and the homeless man followed her.

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The homeless man unexpectedly punched Pimpisa in the face, shouted obscenities at her, and ran away. Pimpisa, shocked and unsure what to do, ran to a nearby motorcycle shelter to seek help.

After learning about the attack, a group of motorcycle taxi riders rushed to catch the homeless man. Pimpisa called the police to the scene and asked a friend to meet her there.

According to Pimpisa, the police could only detain the homeless man for 24 hours under the law. To take legal action against him, she needed to obtain a health check document within a day. However, this was impossible due to a two-day queue at the Forensic Medicine Institute.

Fortunately, the police conducted a drug test on the homeless man, and the result was positive. Therefore, the man remained in detention, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Pimpisa said she suffered only a minor mouth injury but the incident left her scared. She noted that this man was not the only homeless person in the area and called for relevant authorities to find a sustainable solution to address homelessness, especially among those who use drugs.

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