Vet shares unusual tale of pet pig choking on pork meatball on TikTok (video)

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A bizarre incident occurred when a local villager brought his pet pig to a vet in a fertiliser sack, after it choked on a pork meatball, yesterday, December 20.

The incident was shared on TikTok by user @naynaykung019, who happens to be the treating veterinarian.

The video clip shows the pet pig owner seeking help, stating that his pet pig had choked on a meatball. The vet couldn’t believe what he heard at first.

“Did the pig eat a meatball? Did I hear it right?”

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The owner answered in the affirmative.

“I feed it daily.”

The vet questioned futher.

“So the pig choked on a meatball? At first, I thought I heard wrong. What are the symptoms?”

The owner reported that his pet pig was drooling.

Upon inspecting the pig, which was still in the fertiliser sack, the vet found it to be in a normal state but slightly damp. The owner revealed that he sleeps with the pig every night and feeds it regularly. When asked about the type of meatball the pig was fed, the owner said it was a pork meatball.

Following the consultation, the vet managed to treat the pig, restoring its normal condition. The pig was then fed pig feed, and the owner was given advice on proper feeding habits. The peculiar case of the pig choking on a pork meatball, brought about much discussion, displaying the unique challenges faced by veterinarians daily, reported KhaoSod.

The TikTok user @naynaykung019 captioned the post with the following statement.

“Everyday, a thousand stories. A pig choked on a pork meatball, brought in a sack.”

The video has since garnered attention, with many finding the incident both amusing and pitiful due to the unusual circumstances of a pig choking on a pork meatball.

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