US tourist tips Thai woman 100 dollars to thank for her kindness

Photo via TikTok @travelwithchris

A Californian traveller and blogger tipped a Thai woman 100 dollars, or nearly 4,000 baht, after she crafted him a handmade poncho for free on a rainy day.

On August 22, the man from California, Chris Rodriguez, posted a video of a Thai woman whom he met near Bangkok Chinatown on his TikTok account with a caption that said…

“Thai people are the best!” Watch the video here.

The video shows a Thai woman cutting up a big yellow plastic bag to make a poncho. She put the plastic poncho over Rodriguez and made a hole in his face.

Rodriguez said in the video…

“Everybody asked me why I love Thailand so much. It’s because of the people! Right now, we are struck in the rain. This old lady brought us plastic bags to put over the clothes. How amazing! Only in Thailand!”

In the end, Rodriguez said thank you to the woman and said that he would come back to meet her again.

According to the report, the woman is called Malee and the owner of an ancient Chinese-style hair removal, or Mung Ming, shop near Yaowarat Road.

On August 26, Rodriguez visited Malee again to try her hair removal service. The service cost only 199 baht, but Rodriguez gave Malee nearly 4,000 baht to thank her for her kindness.

On September 5, Rodriguez posted another video when he revisited Malee with another gift. The video shows Rodriguez giving Malee a new banner for the hair removal shop. Rodriguez said the details were written in English to draw more foreign customers to Malee’s shop.

Rodriguez also visited the shop again and left some written messages for Malee before he flew back to California. You can watch a series of Rodriguez and Malee here.

Many Thai and foreign TikTok users commented on his videos. People said Malee was lovely and the raincoat was cute. Many also said Rodriguez’s video cheered them up.

Chris Rodriguez is a Californian travel blogger from Los Angeles. He has 1,400 followers on his Facebook page Travelwithchrist, 57,200 followers on his TikTok account, and 95,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

SOURCE: Matichon

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