Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022)

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It is humid most time of the year in Thailand and therefore having a functioning aircon is important. Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioning system are part of the air conditioning servicing process. Now, many of you who live in Thailand might believe that aircon maintenance is not required. However, it is important to keep in mind that servicing and maintenance play a big part in how well your air conditioning system performs. We have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why servicing air conditioning is important so read on.

1. Better Air Quality and Better Health Aircon

Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022) | News by Thaiger

Breathing clean air is important for your family’s overall health and having regular aircon servicing can boost the quality of indoor air. When your aircon has not been cleaned in a long time, particles from a dirty unit could be carried around the room causing health problems. Some of the health problems you can develop include asthma, hay fever, allergies, and other diseases that can all be made worse if the air filter in your air conditioner is blocked with dirt.

Aircon maintenance will result in fresh air circulating throughout your home or office. A professional aircon technician will service the aircon and make sure that the system is working well. Once it has been serviced, your air conditioner will properly filter out contaminants and circulate only the purest air inside your home or place of work. As a result, the air you breathe will be properly filtered of dust, pollen and pollutants. It will also prevent trash particles from damaging your air conditioning unit.

2. Avoid Costly Aircon Replacements

Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022) | News by Thaiger

It can be a nightmare if your air conditioner breaks down when you are living in a hot country like Thailand. When you do regular aircon servicing, small issues can be noticed and the technician will know what elements need replacement and fix it immediately. However, if the aircon has not been serviced in a long time, some of the small issues might not be noticeable at first. As a result, these issues can become bigger problems and lead to extensive repair. In the worst case, you might even have to replace your air conditioner.

Your unit could last up to 10 years longer with regular maintenance, which equates to additional savings! Therefore, arrange regular maintenance to avoid having to spend money on a new air conditioner.

3. All Year Round Comfortable Cooling

Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022) | News by Thaiger

With proper air conditioning, we can work better and be productive even during the hottest times of the day, go about our everyday lives without difficulty, prevent heat strokes, and even get a better night’s sleep.

The peak of Thailand’s tropical climate, which is known as Asia’s hottest, occurs from mid-March to mid-May. So imagine your air conditioning system failing or performing poorly during the summer. Both your sleep and your general productivity may be impacted by this. So to avoid your aircon breaking down or getting less cool during summer, it is important to be serviced regularly.

4. Reduce Energy Bills

Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022) | News by Thaiger
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A broken air conditioner uses more energy to create cool air. As a result, it raises your utility costs. Now, cut your costs by scheduling routine maintenance. Over time, regular air conditioning maintenance done by a qualified technician could result in a significant decrease in your energy costs.

According to an article published in Bangkok Post, MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) advises keeping the temperature of the air conditioner at 26 degrees Celsius, cleaning it at least twice a year, maintaining the equipment, and using fans to help with cooling rather than lowering the air conditioner’s temperature. These recommendations will help in energy conservation, lower electricity bills, and lower emissions of greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide) and PM2.5 pollution.

5. Longer Operational Life

Top 5 reasons why servicing aircon is important (Thailand 2022) | News by Thaiger

Poor air quality results from a poorly maintained or functioning system. Additionally, your system will have to work harder to deliver high-quality air. As a result, the energy consumption will be high and the air conditioner’s lifespan will be reduced.

Just like any other machine, aircon units require servicing to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. You can buy the most expensive air conditioner but it is useless if it is not properly maintained. A qualified technician will examine all the components and thoroughly clean them.

As a result, this will not only guarantee that your devices are in excellent working order, but it will also ultimately increase their lifespan.

SAIJAI, Thailand’s leading home service marketplace provides professional aircon technicians that provide quality service and better care for your AC unit. It is recommended that you maintain your system 3 to 4 times in one year. In case your system creates a disturbance for other tenants, you will be required to remove the air conditioner.

In addition to Aircon Services, other handyman services that SAIJAI provides include Painter, Ceiling Technician, Plumber and Tiler and Gardner.

To schedule the next Air Conditioning service in advance, simply contact customer service HERE.

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