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You can get 300 baht off domestic flights in Thailand under the project “Discounts All Over the Sky, Fly All Over Thailand.

” The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Thai Airlines Association jointly launched a special offer to stimulate the economy through domestic tourism this season.

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Six airlines joined the scheme to offer 300 baht discounts on 500,000 seats on flights taking off before the end of the year.

Book before October 10 to get 300 baht off any flight between November 1 – December 31, 2022. Each booking is eligible for one 300 baht discount.

The participating airlines include Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air and Thai VietJet.

TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said the special offer would help the TAT to fulfil its goal for Thailand’s tourism industry to generate 1.5 trillion baht before the end of the year.

The TAT governor added that Thailand’s aviation business is recovering from the pandemic well and is heading in the right direction.

He said removing the Thailand Pass influenced air travel for Thais and foreigners.



A government spokesperson is saying that tourism is nearly back to pre-Covid levels,

though the Ministry of Tourism expects travellers will spend less money than previously predicted.

Since January, 5 million international travellers have landed in Thailand, about half the amount the government forecasted by the end of the year.

One million tourists entered during September, garnering high hopes that the goal for the year is within sight.

While recent data suggested a downturn in tourism in the third quarter due to widespread flooding in the kingdom,

officials expect to bounce back in the fourth quarter as international tourists itching to travel will be lured by the high season and a variety of year-end festivals.

Officials predict 1.5 million international travellers per month in the last three months of the year.

The national government is pushing hard on promotional marketing, working with provincial and local governments and the private tourism industry.

They also expect to boost tourism revenue with their aggressive campaign to attract wealthy travellers and ex-pats.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is working with airlines to do promotions and offer discounts on fuel tourism numbers for the end of the year.

Phuket reported that domestic air arrivals have swelled to 84% of what it was before Covid-19,

while its international arrivals have reached about 40% of pre-pandemic figures. Most of those foreign tourists are from India and the Middle East.

Hoped that the currently restricted travel from China and Russia will be eased by next year, allowing an influx of international travellers.



US multinational Apple Inc. declared it is to raise prices in its app stores across most parts of the world, but not Thailand.

Apple announced the price increases would take effect on both App Store apps and in-app purchases next month.

Great news for the Kingdom or Smiles but not so good for the likes of Japan, South Korea, and most countries across Europe.

Other regions affected include Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam,

and countries that use the euro as their currency, i.e., France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Apple gives no reason why there is no increase in Thailand or why App Store prices in other countries have been raised.

Industry insiders made known that the gains are related to the exchange rate of local currencies dropping against the dollar.

In Japan, prices are rising by roughly 30%, a big jump that follows the yen’s weakening this year.

Apple earlier this summer raised prices across its Mac, iPhone and iPad ranges to account for the currency disparity.

The euro has suffered a similar fate and is now equal to the dollar, so Apple products have also become more expensive in Europe for the same reason.

Apple says that the price increase in Vietnam is due to new local tax regulations.

For people in the eurozone, apps and in-app purchases priced at 0.99 euros will now cost 1.19 euros. An item that costs 9.99 euros will increase its price to 11.99 euros.

The new App Store prices will take effect on October 5 this year. Developers can keep the subscription prices for current subscribers if they want to.



The price of one iPhone has risen considerably in Thailand, though.

A fan has offered a sexy Thai model 400,000 baht for her old iPhone 12 Pro Max after she announced on social media that it was available for sale,

including her sexy pictures and videos.

Hundreds of Thais queued at the nation’s Apple stores on Saturday, September 17, to buy the new iPhone 14 despite complaints that the price is pretty high.

The sexy Thai model, กนกญาดา จิตอำพัน, with the nickname คะแนน agreed with her compatriots

and wanted to break the cost by selling her old iPhone to get a new iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB. The 400,000 baht offer would buy 20 new iPhones.

The 26-year-old posted a picture of her iPhone 12 Pro Max on Facebook yesterday with a caption that said…

“Sell iPhone 12 Pro max to buy an iPhone 14. The price is negotiable! Include my pictures and videos. Haha.”

Her post went viral on Thai social media, getting over 63,000 reactions, 2,890 comments, and 1,800 shares.

คะแนน also made public that she wouldn’t delete any pictures or videos on the old phone and gave the potential owner an example of the sexy content on it.

The phone features nearly 30,000 sexy pictures and 4,000 hot videos.

คะแนน admitted to the media yesterday that she shared the post for fun,

but over 3,000 people were messaging her in the Facebook chat to ask about the price.

One man offered 400,000 baht, but she hasn’t agreed to sell it to anyone.



Netizens praised a pickup driver in the northern province of Chiang Rai after he taped snacks and face masks on his car for people to take for free.

The video of the white pickup decorated with face masks and packs of snacks was posted last Friday by a Thai TikTok user.

The headline caption read…

“You are very kind! Chiang Rai is great!”

The video showed several different snacks and faced masks on the pickup.

The vehicle also had a paper sign that said, “Grab it for free.”

In the video, the pickup is parked, waiting for the traffic light to turn from green to red.

Two boys took a chance, dashed to the stationary vehicle, grabbed a few snacks, thanked the driver,

and dashed to their motorcycles before the light changed to green.

Many Thai netizens praised the pickup driver for his kindness, while others added fun comments,

such as “the glue must be powerful to keep the snack packs on the car like that.”

Others comment

“It’s such a good idea! I feel so happy watching this video.”

“Look at the boy in the red shirt! He said thanks to the driver!”

“I saw this car today but didn’t dare to grab one, haha.”

“Happy for both giver and receivers.”

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