Frisky fruits found in Thai village: Locals amused by nature’s naughty creations

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A 70 year old local from Thung Kachai, Kuea Wiang, Dok Khamtai, Phayao, Thailand, discovered two uncommon fruits, one from a local jackfruit tree and the other from a lime tree, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a penis and a vagina.

The jackfruit, although small and brown, similar to a duck’s egg, had an odd protrusion in its centre, bearing a resemblance to male reproductive organs. Intrigued by this anomaly, Veerasak Wongpanya kept the fruit as a rare object.

Later, he found an equally unusual lime. The lime bore a characteristic similar to the female reproductive organs in its centre. Veerasak, considering these rare fruits as talismanic objects, kept them for worship, believing they brought good fortune and promoted popularity in business, reported KhaoSod.

Veerasak further revealed his supplementary profession of running a Buddha amulet stall and a picture-framing business within the Suan Sak Government Centre Market in Tom, Phayao. He has kept these unusual fruits for worship to this day.

“I have always believed in luck and the power of unusual occurrences. These fruits are not just fruits to me; they are symbols of good fortune and prosperity. I believe they have brought me luck and success in my business dealings.”

The story of Veerasak’s unusual fruits adds another layer to the rich tapestry of Thai folklore and belief in the power of nature to bring luck, prosperity, and success. Whether a believer in such phenomena or not, one cannot deny the unique and unusual nature of Veerasak’s garden finds.

A 55 year old Thai woman encountered an unusual incident yesterday while eating her boiled egg in Rayong, eastern Thailand. Patcharin Jaisuk bit into a hard substance which, upon extraction, turned out to be a peculiar stone nestled within the egg yolk. To read more click HERE.

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