Thai teacher suspended after slapping young student who refused to call her ‘mother’

Photo via Twitter/ @tequilaqueen09.

The director of the Demonstration School of Ramkhanhaeng University in Bangkok suspended a Thai teacher after she slapped a pupil in the face.

A Twitter user shared a video of her nephew being attacked by his teacher yesterday, September 27, with the caption…

“This teacher slapped my nephew in the face because she wanted the boy to call her ‘mother’ but the boy insisted she is not his mother.

“My nephew apologised but she slapped him again. Is that too much? It happened at a famous high school in the Ramkhahaeng area.

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In the video, the teacher is seen dragging a young boy outside the classroom to talk with her. The teacher pointed her finger at the boy’s face and scolded him before slapping him in the face.

The boy stepped back and apologised but the teacher slapped him again. A male teacher in a yellow shirt had to intervene and separate the teacher from the victim.

Teacher suspended

The director of Ramkhanhaeng University’s Demonstration School, Thatchapon Ponlarat, later admitted to the public that the incident took place at the school, reporting that he received the complaint from the student’s parents on September 21 adding that the incident captured on video took place in March this year.

Thatchapon said he had not ignored the issue or delayed the process highlighting that he had just been appointed director of the school. Thatchapon explained that the investigation committee is now questioning both the teacher and the student and will later inform the public about the development of the case.

The school director said he had already suspended the teacher and would take measures to compensate the victim and regain the trust of students and parents.

Thatchapon stressed that he was concerned about the boy’s mental health, as were his parents and netizens. The boy told him that he was fine, and all his classmates were encouraging him.

Many Thai netizens felt that a “teacher is another parent of children” and played an important role in this incident. To think of themselves as parents, some teachers crave respect from students and really think that they are the students’ parents and can control their lives.

Some former students of the school said that the teacher used to physically punish the students. They used to report this teacher’s behaviour to the school management but nothing improved.

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