Egg-stonishing discovery: Thai woman finds unusual ‘rock’ in boiled egg in eastern Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod

A 55 year old Thai woman encountered an unusual incident while eating her boiled egg in Rayong, eastern Thailand. Patcharin Jaisuk bit into a hard substance which, upon extraction, turned out to be a peculiar stone nestled within the egg yolk.

Believing it to be an auspicious sign, Patcharin, who has been selling boiled rice for more than 30 years, shared this oddity with her neighbours today.

Upon arriving at her house, located at house number 63 in Kram district, Rayong province, it was clear that the news had drawn a crowd. A number of neighbours were inspecting the mysterious stone, which was about one centimetre in size. It had been placed in a gold box for safekeeping.

The stone was reddish, flecked with yellow, shapeless, and weighed approximately 0.01 kilograms. Its texture differed from typical stones.

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Patcharin explained that she found the stone in a boiled chicken egg she had bought from the market two days prior.

She had boiled four eggs that day and was eating her meal with her husband when he bit into the hard substance in the egg yolk. Initially, they thought it was an eggshell but, upon examination, they found it resembled a stone.

Lucky talisman

Intrigued as to how a stone ended up in an egg yolk, they quickly cleaned it for a closer look.

Further inspection revealed that the object, while stone-like, had a softer surface than conventional stones, prompting Patcharin to keep it, believing it to be a talisman.

She invited her neighbours to help identify the object. All agreed it was a peculiar occurrence they had never seen before. They expressed their desire for an expert to inspect the object and determine how it formed and what it was.

Patcharin further stated that she plans to boil the eggs from the same batch in which she found the stone to see if there are any more. As for the discovered stone, she intends to keep it for worship, considering it a novelty in her 30 years of selling boiled rice.

The neighbours who came to see the stone believed it to be a lucky charm, wondering how a stone could end up in an egg yolk, something none of them had ever encountered before. They all believed it to be a blessing for the owner, reported KhaoSod.

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