Tragic twist: Thai woman stabbed to death by fellow resident in Bangkok condo

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A Thai woman’s life was tragically cut short when she was stabbed to death by a fellow Thai man at her condominium in Bangkok. The perpetrator was swiftly caught by the victim’s neighbours, who responded to the disturbance.

Officers from Buppharam Police Station rushed to room 616 on the sixth floor of a condominium located in Bangkok’s Khlong San district. Inside, they discovered the lifeless body of 26 year old Thanida Upachai, lying near her bed with 13 stab wounds. A 10-inch knife, used in the heinous act, was found near the crime scene.

The neighbours, drawn by the commotion, confronted the assailant, identified as 21 year old Suwat Thajor, as he attempted to flee. Displaying bravery and quick thinking, they managed to apprehend him. Reports indicate that Suwat is a student at a university in Bangkok.

During the subsequent interrogation, Suwat claimed that Thanida had invited him to her room. According to his account, she got angry while he smoked cigarettes in her room. Allegedly, Thanida then threatened him with a knife to deter him from smoking. Suwat further stated that a struggle ensued between the two, during which he managed to wrestle the knife away from her and subsequently stabbed her to death.

Initially, the police suspected that Suwat was a stranger to the victim, breaking into her room with the intent of sexual assault or theft. However, Suwat insisted that he and Thanida had known each other for some time, and it was she who had invited him to her room.

CCTV footage from the condominium supported Suwat’s claims. The footage revealed Thanida descending to the lobby on the first floor to grant Suwat access by opening the main door using her keycard.

Suwat has been charged with intentional murder, a crime that carries severe penalties, including the death penalty, life imprisonment, or imprisonment ranging from 12 to 20 years, as stipulated in Section 288 of the Criminal Law.

A resident of the condominium, Suchart Poomkrajub, spoke to Channel 3 about the incident, expressing his concerns. He mentioned that despite the condominium having fairly strict security measures in place, this was the second such incident within two months. Suchart stated that he planned to relocate due to the unsettling nature of these occurrences.

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