Young student loses savings in iPad scam, Bangkok woman arrested

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Police apprehended Nirisara, a 23 year old ‘money mule’ operating a scam that targeted a 16 year old student from Phichit, who lost her entire savings while trying to purchase an iPad for her studies. The Criminal Investigation Division officers, working closely with PCT Unit 5, arrested Nirisara in Bangkok’s Khlong Tan area after an intense investigation.

The scam began when the 16 year old victim saw an offer for an iPad at only 990 baht (US$29) online, and was duped into transferring 6,495 baht (US$187) to the scammer in hopes of receiving the device and ultimately recovering the money spent. She was devastated and sought help online, which garnered the attention of many sympathetic viewers and authorities. Upon investigation, it was found the scam was part of a larger fraud operation involving call centres with offices set up in neighbouring countries, Khaosod reported.

“I want to warn the offenders that opening a ‘money mule’ account is the cause of a fraud or call centre gang. In this case, the scammer had a dark heart, causing a student to lose all her savings,” said Pathum Thani Police Commander, Lt. Col. Theeradech Thammasuthee.

The investigation led to Nirisara, who denied the charges and claimed that she unsuspectingly opened bank accounts at someone’s request via Facebook, for a fee of 1,000 baht (US$28) per opening as well as 200 baht (US$6) scam to set up an online account. She had opened three accounts – one with Thai Military Bank, one with Kasikornbank, and one with Siam Commercial Bank – unaware of their intended use in fraudulent activities. Nirisara had no prior criminal record or encounters with the police.

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The case will proceed with Nirisara being handed over to Phichit Police for further legal action. Additionally, the investigating team aims to prevent such incidents by sharing knowledge and preventive measures against online crime with the victim and her school to establish a more effective defence.

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