Thai man stabs wife 21 times before driving into Chao Phraya River

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A Thai man stabbed his wife to death in Lopburi province, central Thailand, today before attempting to commit suicide by driving his Chevrolet pickup truck into the Chao Phraya River in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya province. However, the killer was saved by one of his relatives who happened to be fishing at the riverbank.

This morning, officers at Ban Kum Police Station were informed that a woman was stabbed to death at a house in the Ngio Rai subdistrict of Mueang Lopburi district. Upstairs, police found the body of 30 year old Yuwadee Phakhai – who was stabbed 21 times – lying on a bed sodden with blood. On the stairs, police found a bloody, bent knife.

Yuwadee’s 18 year old sister Achariya Phakhai testified to the police that she heard her sister scream several times at 8am before falling silent. Achariya said she was in the bathroom at the time and came out to see her sister’s 30 year old husband Anupong Saengngaongam running down the stairs. He fled in his red Chevrolet pickup truck, suspected to head to Ayutthaya where he has relatives, said Achariya.

Police contacted officers at Chang Yai Police Station in Bang Sai district of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province to request that they track down Anupong’s pickup truck.

Then, Ayutthaya Rescue Unit was informed that a pickup truck drove into the river near Wat Pho Taeng Tai in the Bang Sai district. When rescue workers arrived, no driver was found inside the car. A witness, Anupong’s relative, had rowed a boat out and saved Anupong from the sinking vehicle.

Rescue worker Sahaphap Unsung-gnern said that when he described the car to the police, it matched the description of the wanted killer’s vehicle.

Police soon tracked down and detained Anupong. Anupong confessed to murdering his wife, police say. Anupong allegedly told the police that he then tried to commit suicide by driving into the river, but ended up being saved by his relative.

Anupong’s 65 year old relative Somphong Homhuan said he was fishing at the banks of the Chaophraya when he heard something big crash into the water. He turned around and saw a pickup truck which he said looked the same as his relative’s, Anupong.

Somphong drove a boat out to the pickup and rescued Anupong from drowning. Once brought ashore, Anupong told Somphong that he tried to kill himself after stabbing his wife to death.

Anupong also allegedly said that he found comfort in the fact that he didn’t end up dying because now he has to admit to his crime.

The deceased’s mother, Sunanta Phakhai, said that her son-in-law Anupong works at the Saraburi cement plant and her daughter was a teacher at Wat Khok Photikoonchorn School. She said he lived with her daughter for three years and were very much in love when they got married, having been high school sweethearts.

Sunanta said that lately, the married couple often argued, due to Anupong’s jealousy. Sunanta said that Anupong made Sunanta show him her mobile phone messages. However, Sunanta said that she never expected this to happen. She said she could not accept the violent end to her daughter’s life.

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