Tragic murder in Chiang Rai: Man stabs wife 11 times

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A 61 year old Thai man yesterday brutally murdered his wife by stabbing her 11 times at their home in Chaing Rai province, in the northern part of Thailand. The motive behind this horrific act was the wife’s desire to end their relationship, which enraged the husband.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers from Chiang Saen Police Station discovered the lifeless body of 65 year old Somjai Yapeng, lying on the corridor floor, bearing multiple stab wounds. A bloody 15-inch-long knife was found near her body.

The suspect, identified as 61 year old Somyong Asamalee, fled the house immediately after the crime, taking off in a bronze Nissan sedan. Following a police pursuit, the car was eventually located on Phahonyothin Road, parked at Mae Jan Hospital, approximately 20 kilometres away from the crime scene.

Swiftly responding to the lead, officers rushed to the hospital and discovered Somyong receiving treatment for a cut wound on his hand. He admitted to the police that he had indeed murdered his wife.

According to Somyong’s account, he and Somjai were both single when they decided to enter into a relationship. At the beginning of this year, he moved into her house. However, their happiness was short-lived as Somjai repeatedly expressed her desire to terminate the relationship.

Overwhelmed by anger, Somyong resorted to stabbing his wife multiple times until she collapsed to the ground. In the process, he accidentally hurt himself. Subsequently, he left the crime scene and sought medical attention at the nearby hospital.

This horrifying case highlights the persistent issue of domestic violence and murders committed by individuals in intimate relationships. Merely five days ago, a drunken husband brutally beat his wife to death using a bamboo stick. Similarly, another intoxicated individual attacked his wife with a sickle knife, typically used for coconut harvesting, resulting in her tragic demise.

Adding to the distressing trend, yesterday, the lifeless body of a woman was discovered in the back seat of a sedan parked at a resort in the Isaan province of Buriram. The victim’s boyfriend and a tomboy friend are suspected of perpetrating the murder. Both individuals fled the scene, prompting an intensive search operation by the police.

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