Drunk husband kills wife in rage with bamboo stick in northeast Thailand

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Yesterday, police in the Thung Fon district of Thailand‘s northeast Udon Thani province were called to investigate a husband’s brutal killing of his wife with a bamboo stick. The incident occurred at a residence in Ban Kam Ta Tan, Moo 6, in Thung Yai sub-district.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered the lifeless body of 54 year old Ruedee Khetkhongkwang, who had been brutally beaten with a hard object.

The main suspect in the murder was the victim’s husband, Pornsai Sri Chaiyamool, who initially fled the scene. However, he was soon captured by the police. In his statement, Pornsai admitted to killing his wife after discovering her asleep, as a result of an argument fuelled by jealousy. The couple had been together for almost a year, working in rice farming and general labour. They had two children from previous relationships living with them.

The tipping point in their volatile relationship occurred on the night of the crime, when their daughter and son-in-law invited Pornsai to attend a traditional festival. Ruedee did not go with them, and instead, told her husband to leave and never return. Pornsai did not go far, and eventually bought a large bottle of liquor to drink. Upon returning home, inebriated and angered by Ruedee’s words, he saw her asleep, and in a fit of rage, violently attacked her with a bamboo stick. He then attempted to sleep in a shack near their rice field until his arrest.

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After being captured, Pornsai expressed his regret and desire to apologise to his wife one last time by paying respect to her remains. Neighbours revealed that both the deceased and the perpetrator were known to be habitual alcohol drinkers, often engaging in quarrels when intoxicated. Normally, their disputes would result in Pornsai leaving the house, and they would reconcile once sober.

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