Thai rubber should tap into the sex toy market, says agriculture minister

Thailand could make a killing if the country’s world-class rubber industry tapped into the sex toy market, according to Minister of Agriculture Chalermchai Sri-on.

The minister posted a compelling argument on Facebook which would require a big revision of Thailand’s archaic laws if it came to fruition.

The kingdom’s illegal sex industry is hiding in plain sight, sex toys included. They are sold openly on the roadside in the Nana, Patong, and Silom areas of Bangkok.

But the law states that anyone caught peddling, buying or possessing sex toys faces a 60,000 baht fine or up to three years in prison.

Anti-sex toy laws are preventing Thailand from making huge profits since Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of rubber – a prime ingredient used in the production of naughty toys.

Minister Chalermchai said on Facebook…

“‘Sex Toy – Made in Thailand.’ Salvage Thai rubber and increase its value. #Thai latex is the best in the world and can bolster the revenue of Thailand’s rubber industry.

“Today we must dare to decide. Should we process rubber into sex toys to make a profit for the country? It’s not just about pornography but also a matter of sexual health.

“In 2021, the global sex toy market was worth 1.3 trillion baht!

“Within just five years since 2016, the market has grown by 300% and is predicted to grow to 2 trillion baht by 2030.

“Introducing the concept of “Sex Toy: Made in Thailand” will generate more income for rubber farmers and bring huge revenue into the country.

“We are ready to build an industrial estate called “Rubber Valley” to systemise rubber processing and boost rubber exports, which can double up as a tourist attraction.

“We should process rubber in all ways. Dare to make the change and unlock income for Thai people.”

Perhaps Thailand should go even further and break into the rubber sex doll market. After all, a Thai man made headlines this week for advocating for the destigmatisation of sex dolls in Thai society.

He listed a whole range of societal benefits of sex dolls including less rape and fewer STDs, his only negative being that sex dolls are hard to come by in Thailand.

Back in 2018, the former Director of the Office of Culture Monitoring at the Culture Ministry, Salinee Chumsawan, said that sex toys are against the views of Thai society and offensive to most Thais.

She suggested that people who have “urges” should meditate, visit a local temple or participate in sports.

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