Biological father of missing baby in Thailand to be charged with statutory rape

Photo by Thai PBS.

The disturbing case surrounding a missing eight-month old baby in central Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom province is continuing. The baby’s biological father, 55 year old ‘Jae,’ is to be charged with statutory rape of the baby’s mother, 16 year old Philaiporn Korcharoen. The baby, Torsak, is reported to have been missing since February 5.

On February 17, Thai media reported that Philaiporn’s partner, 19 year old Sittichok Choksaengsawang, was not Torsak’s biological father. Instead, Jae was found to be the father. Thai PBS reported yesterday that Jae is to be charged with statutory rape. Jae had sex with Philaiporn when she was 15 years old.

Deputy national police chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, aka ‘Big Joke,’ said the investigation found that Sittichok lured Philaiporn into having sexual intercourse with ‘Jae’ in exchange for money. ‘Jae’ is a friend of Sittichok’s father.

According to Big Joke, Jae and Sittichok admitted to committing the alleged offences. Jae will be charged with statutory rape, while Sittichok will be charged with procuring an underage girl for prostitution, Big Joke said. Jae will be held on remand in Nakhon Pathom prison.

Philaiporn has given inconsistent statements and is behaving suspiciously, Big Joke said.

Big Joke also stated that it is unlikely that anyone entered the house where the baby lived, despite initial claims by Philaiporn that a man in a yellow shirt had taken her baby. The mother has since admitted that the man does not exist, and is now claiming to not know anything. Doctors at the local health clinic had advised Philaiporn and Sittichok to take Torsak to the hospital on the day he went missing, as his temperature had risen to 39 degrees Celsius. However, the mother ignored the recommendation and took the baby home instead.

As the investigation continues, the focus has now narrowed down to Philaiporn, due to her inconsistent statements.

Last week, it was reported that police checked security footage, but have not found any sign of the baby being carried away by anyone. Big Joke noted that he had heard reports of a trace of the blood being found on the baby’s pillow, and said he was unsure if Torsak was alive.

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