Thai tea ranked 7th in the world’s best non-alcohol drinks’ list

TasteAtlas ranked Thai tea in seventh place in the travel guide platform’s top 100 Best Rated Non-alcoholic Beverages in the World.

TasteAtlas website is an online food atlas or food guide that provides information on traditional and authentic dishes from all over the world. Users can search for interesting dishes by region, country, or ingredient, and users can suggest dishes or their recipes and recommendations on the platform too.

The website launched its 100 Best Rated Non-Alcoholic Beverages in the World on Sunday, February 19, and Thais’ favourite drink, Thai Tea, also known as Thai milk tea, was included in seventh place on the list.

Thai Tea or Thai Milk Tea is known as Cha Thai or Cha Yen in Thai. The orange beverage is made from black tea mixed with condensed milk and topped with evaporated milk. The tea is usually served cold with ice, and it is generally served in a tall plastic glass with a straw at local beverage shops.

Thai Tea’s price ranges from 20 baht to over 100 baht depending on the quality of tea leaves and toppings. Locals also love to drink it with chewy tapioca balls, called Khai Mook in Thai.

The origins of Thai tea are somewhat unclear, it is believed to have been influenced by the Chinese and Indian tea cultures, and it was popularized during the 20th century by the Thai-Chinese community in Thailand. The drink can be found in Southeast Asia and the US too.

The top ten beverages from other countries were:

  1. Hong Kong-style milk tea
  2. Aguas frescas from Mexico
  3. Chai masala from India
  4. Maghrebi mint tea from Maghreb
  5. Horchata from Mexico
  6. Salep from Turkey
  7. Thai tea from Thailand
  8. El submarino from Agentina
  9. Ristretto from Italy
  10. Darjeeling from India

The whole list of the 100 best beverages in the world can be fine HERE.

Last year, three Thai dishes were featured on CNN Travel’s top 50 best street food in Asia. The dishes were Isaan sausages called Sai Krok Isaan, northern curry soup noodles called Khao Soi, and crab omelettes called Kai Jeow Pu.

Thai tea ranked 7th in the world's best non-alcohol drinks' list | News by Thaiger

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