Thai man plants seed of awareness about pervert underwear thief

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A Thai man is warning locals, especially women, to be on the lookout for a pervert with an underwear fetish after finding a large quantity of female lingerie on a eucalyptus plantation in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima.

The 49 year old Thai man, Banlaeng Sukkratoke, shared videos of panties and bras hanging on two wooden racks in the middle of the plantation on his Facebook and TikTok accounts on Sunday, June 30. Banlaeng stated in the caption…

“Warning to all women to be aware when drying underwear.”

In the video, bras and panties were seen hanging separately from two wooden racks. Banlaeng revealed in the video that one of his workers found the underwear and reported the matter to him.

In an interview with Channel 8, Banlaeng insisted that he had not arranged the display of underwear for the video or to attract attention from netizens. He also took reporters to the location where he and his worker discovered the underwear.

Channel 8 reported that journalists noticed an imprint of a body on the ground, suggesting that someone had lain between the two racks of underwear.

Banlaeng informed the media that he believed a deviant thief had stolen the underwear and used the location for perverse activities. He decided to film the videos and share them on social media to warn residents of three nearby districts: Khonburi, Soeng Sang, and Nong Bunnak.

Expressing concern for the safety of women in the area, particularly young girls, Banlaeng added that the deviant thief might escalate to more serious crimes, such as luring young girls to the location for indecent purposes.

Channel 8 interviewed locals in the area about the underwear theft but no one admitted to losing underwear recently.

Khonburi Police Station officers later investigated the scene and spread the matter to locals in the area and nearby. They also urged anyone with information leading to the pervert with an underwear fetish to report it to the police.



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