Brief bandit: thief strips down to underwear, swipes stash of briefs

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An underwear thief, dressed only in his undies, drove to a house and stole a collection of underwear, later claiming it was the result of a dare. The incident took place on the morning of May 18 in Ban Pa Tueng Ngam, Pa O Don Chai sub-district, Mueng district, Chiang Rai.

The homeowner, 44 year old Somphop shared CCTV footage on Facebook seeking assistance from the public to identify the perpetrator. The footage shows a black car arriving at his single-story rented row house around 6am.

A man, wearing only white underwear and with a pink towel draped over his right shoulder, exited the vehicle and headed straight for the clothesline outside Somphop’s house. He then proceeded to take eight pairs of underwear before returning to the car and driving away.

Somphop explained that he was at home and heard the car pull up. However, due to a foot injury, he couldn’t reach the front door in time. By the time he managed to get outside, the car had already left.

Reviewing the CCTV footage revealed the bizarre theft.

After posting the video on Facebook, Somphop was contacted by the underwear thief, who admitted to the act. The man claimed that he had stolen the underwear as part of a dare from a friend who was with him in the car.

Somphop mentioned that he would meet the perpetrator at the Chiang Rai City Police Station tomorrow to discuss the matter further.

He clarified that he did not wish to have the stolen underwear returned and would rather buy new ones.

“I don’t want the stolen items back. I just hope this person won’t repeat such acts elsewhere.”

Somphop’s primary concern is to prevent the perpetrator from committing similar acts in the future, as the actions constituted both trespassing and theft, which could have led to more severe consequences had he confronted the thief at the time, reported Khaosod.

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