British man arrested in Phuket Airport amid embezzlement claims

Photo courtesy of Phuket News via ASEAN NOW

A 37 year old British man was apprehended at Phuket Airport upon his arrival in Thailand, due to a long-standing arrest warrant. The Brit, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been on the Thai police’s radar since 2017, and his actions are now facing intense scrutiny.

Thai immigration officers arrested the suspect at 1.10pm yesterday, July 2, after his passport check flagged an outstanding warrant issued seven years ago. Official records reveal the warrant, dated April 7, 2017, bearing the document number jo-190/2560, calls for his arrest over allegations of embezzlement.

Reports suggest that the unnamed man fled Thailand years ago after allegedly embezzling funds entrusted to him by his employer. The case hints at a substantial sum, given the extensive efforts to locate him.

However, the specifics of the embezzlement, including the total amount and the identity of the employer, remain undisclosed. Patong police, who have been investigating the matter since 2017, are handling the case. This indicates a significant period during which the suspect evaded capture by staying abroad.

Phuket media has noted the limited information provided in public statements by the Immigration Bureau. Despite searching their archives, no matching case details have emerged that offer further insight into the Brit’s activities or the charges against him.

The British embassy in Thailand has been notified of the arrest, but there has been no public statement from them so far. Meanwhile, Thai police are expected to proceed with legal actions that could involve extradition or a trial within the country, reported ASEAN NOW.

In related news, officers from the Central Investigation Bureau arrested a British man for allegedly defaming an Italian restaurant in Phuket with negative reviews on Google after a two-year-long conflict with the restaurant owner.

In other news, police arrested a British man at Phuket International Airport on May 2 after discovering cocaine hidden within his passport.

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