Thai King bestows new monastic title on esteemed monk

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The King of Thailand has bestowed a new monastic title on a respected monk. The Royal Gazette announced on Saturday that the King granted the title to the monk last Friday, May 31.

The Royal Gazette reported that King Maha Vajiralongkorn has issued a royal command appointing Phrakhru Palad Samphiphatthanatheerachan Kittichet, also known as Phra Achan Kittichet Wat Phuttha Metta Bunyanupa in Lampang Province, as a monk of the third rank. His new monastic title is Phra Bhavana Vajirasunthorn.

The announcement highlights the King’s continuous support for the Buddhist clergy, particularly those contributing significantly to Vipassana meditation practices. It is a testament to the monk’s dedication and service to the Buddhist community.

“His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn has graciously granted the royal command to appoint Phra Kru Palat Sampil Pattana Thiracharn, Kittichet of Wat Phuttha Metta Bunyanuparp, Lampang Province, as a monk of the third rank in the Vipassana Dhura (meditation) division, with the title Phra Bhavana Vajirasunthorn.”

Phra Achan Kittichet has been widely recognised for his contributions to Vipassana meditation, a practice that focuses on insight into the true nature of reality. His dedication and teachings have earned him respect and admiration within the Buddhist community, both in Thailand and beyond.

This royal recognition not only elevates Phra Achan Kittichet’s standing but also underscores the importance of Vipassana meditation in Thai Buddhism. The appointment is effective from May 31 as stated in the Royal Gazette.

The royal command was issued on May 31 and published in the Royal Gazette on June 1. This marks the 9th year of the current reign.

This elevation to a higher monastic rank will likely enhance Phra Achan Kittichet’s influence and ability to spread the teachings of Vipassana meditation. It also reflects the Thai monarchy’s enduring relationship with the Buddhist Sangha, emphasizing the monarchy’s role in upholding and promoting Buddhist traditions, reported Khaosod.

Wat Phuttha Metta Bunyanuparp, where Phra Achan Kittichet resides, is known for its serene environment conducive to meditation and spiritual practice. The temple has gained a reputation for its focus on Vipassana meditation, attracting practitioners from all over the country.

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