Thai king appoints new Deputy Supreme Patriarch

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The Thai monarch has elevated a senior monk to the high ecclesiastical title of Phra Dhammarajanuwatra at Wat Moleelokayaram Raja Woravihara, appointing him as the Deputy Supreme Patriarch, or the second-highest position in the Thai monastic hierarchy.

This royal command was issued today and subsequently announced in the Royal Thai Government Gazette.

The monk in question, Phra Phrom Vajirunhis, previously held the position of abbot at Wat Moleelokayaram, a revered royal monastery in Bangkok. In addition to his abbacy, he served as the monastic chief of the 10th ecclesiastical region and head of the educational institution at the same monastery.

Under his leadership, the monastery witnessed a record number of monks passing the ninth level of Pali studies, the highest in the country.

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Notably, a 17 year old novice monk achieved the distinction of passing all nine levels of Pali studies, setting a historical record for the youngest monk to accomplish this feat in the Thai monastic education system.

The announcement detailed that the King, recognising the significant contributions of the monk to Buddhism, deemed it appropriate to promote him in recognition of his religious service.

The new title, Phra Dhammarajanuwatra, encompasses several responsibilities, including stewardship of Buddhist teachings, resolution of ecclesiastical matters, and the support of fellow monks and novices within the monastic community and the monastery.

The royal decree praised the monk for his scholarly achievements, administrative skills, and contribution to the propagation of Buddhism, reported KhaoSod.

The royal command and the subsequent elevation of Phra Phrom Vajirunhis underscore the significance of monastic education and scholarship in preserving and promoting Buddhist teachings in Thailand.

In related news, the parents of five children filed a lawsuit against a monk from Khao Rae Temple in the northern province of Sukhothai, after the monk injured the children while testing the magical powers of his amulets.

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