Bangkok building crumbles unexpectedly, no injuries reported (video)

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A demolition task spiralled into chaos as a building unexpectedly collapsed along Charan Sanitwong Road in Bangkok this morning. The incident, reported around 10.30am, May 8, by Tee Nee Bang Phlat Facebook, unfolded in the Bang Phlat district, leaving a trail of debris.

The aftermath of the collapse saw portions of the wreckage spilling onto Charan Sanitwong Road, in the vicinity of Soi 93. This unanticipated event resulted in a temporary traffic standstill, as the road was rendered impassable due to the rubble. However, prompt action was taken to clear the road and restore the usual flow of traffic.

Despite the gravity of the situation, there was a silver lining. Miraculously, no injuries were reported in the wake of the building’s collapse. The fact that such a major incident did not result in any harm is indeed a stroke of good fortune, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, the theft of manhole covers in Bangkok has resulted in the tragic deaths of two individuals, prompting the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to convene a meeting yesterday with all related agencies. The meeting aimed to devise strategies to prevent future thefts and enhance pedestrian safety on city pavements.

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The meeting led by BMA Deputy Permanent Secretary Narong Ruangsri included representatives from varied departments such as Public Works, Drainage and Sewerage, Traffic and Transportation, and the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority.

In other news, a dramatic road collapse under the Rama IV Bridge in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, sent a motorcyclist and a child tumbling into a sinkhole hole, prompting swift rescue efforts by locals. The incident, which occurred at 11.20am, severely disrupted traffic and led to an immediate closure of the affected area.

A video capturing the heart-stopping moment when a section of the road in front of Wat Bor suddenly gave way has gone viral, thanks to a post by FM91 Trafficpro. The footage shows vehicles navigating the stretch when, without warning, the road collapses, forming a large, deep pit.

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