Magical mishap: Parents sue Monk after amulet test injures children

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The parents of five children filed a lawsuit against a monk from Khao Rae Temple in the northern province of Sukhothai, after the monk injured the children while testing the magical powers of his amulets.

The father of one of the children took to Facebook to share his 13 year old son’s story and pressured the monk, later identified as 70 year old Boonsong, to confess to his wrongdoing. The parent added that he and others also filed a complaint against the monk.

The father revealed to Channel 3 that he noticed a burn wound on the back of his son’s hand and asked him where it came from. The boy told his father about the monk’s amulet testing.

One of the young victims, a 13 year old boy named Pong, told the media that he and his friends were playing at the temple when the monk offered them 200 baht each to test the monk’s amulets, which were called Miracle Buddhas. They wanted the money and decided to follow the monk’s instructions.

According to Pong, the monk claimed the amulets had healing powers and could protect them from harm. He asked each boy to hold the amulets in their hands. He then poured liquid acid on the back of their hands to test the power of the amulets. The acid burned the children, proving that the amulets had no magical properties.

Parents confronted the monk at the temple but he refused to meet them. A representative promised to cover medical costs but the parents were not satisfied. They want the monk to admit his wrongdoing, leading to the police complaint at Tung Saliam Police Station.

The monk, Boonsoung, met the police yesterday, May 2 to address the incident. Police said the legal process will be lengthy as they need to collect evidence and set up a special investigation committee.

Some locals expressed anger at the parents, claiming that the social media attention was damaging the temple’s reputation. One local man, Chai, insists he believes in the power of the amulets based on his own experience with the test. He says he was unharmed and still prays to the amulet today.

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