Thai influencer deceived by ex-partner over 200,000 baht payment

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A Thai influencer tearfully disclosed being deceived by her former lover into losing a substantial amount of advertising money. Unable to contact her ex, she is now seeking legal recourse.

The 59 year old influencer Sataporn Phutthakul, known as Aunt Porn, revealed that her ex-partner swindled her out of 200,000 baht, leaving her with only 50,000 baht and subsequently deducting an additional 10,000 baht from it. This payment was for a job reviewing a famous serum brand. The incident occurred around one month ago, when a company hired her to review and livestream their product for three months.

Her former lover managed all the arrangements and communications for the job. Later, the ex-partner handed her 50,000 baht in cash, claiming it was the entire payment for her services and deducting 10,000 baht as his fee. Sataporn, believing him, accepted the amount. However, upon meeting the product owner, she discovered that the company had paid 200,000 baht through her ex-partner. Realising she had been deceived, Sataporn felt devastated.

Efforts to contact her ex-partner have been futile, leading Sataporn to file a complaint with the Koh Kram Police Station. She aims to record the incident formally and will attempt to negotiate with her ex-partner. If unsuccessful, she plans to pursue legal action within three months. Police Lieutenant Colonel Wittaya Khongthong has accepted her complaint and is awaiting further action.

“I have tried reaching out to my ex-partner in every way possible, but he won’t answer my calls or messages. I was shocked when I found out about my actual payment and confronted him. He admitted he had spent the money with his wife.”

Sataporn’s ex-partner informed her that his wife was unaware of the situation. Sataporn questioned him about their expenditures, realising that the money they spent together was entirely hers. She had allowed him to handle the job arrangements because she was inexperienced, despite their prior breakup. His wife was uninformed about the arrangement.

Job contract

One day, her ex-partner mentioned he had secured a job for her, as she had no work previously. She was thrilled and initially received a 20,000 baht advance payment, followed by another 20,000 baht a week later. After starting the job, she signed a contract stipulating a three-month work period, including 45 live sessions and 45 video clips, with an exclusivity clause for the serum brand.

The serum owner confirmed transferring the full 200,000 baht, as per the contract. However, Sataporn received only a fraction of it. Typically, she would sign the contract herself, but she was unaware of who signed on her behalf or who collected the bank payment for her. Her ex-partner had already spent the 160,000 baht with his wife, leaving Sataporn in shock.

When asked about her new relationship with a woman named Cheese, Sataporn explained that she couldn’t forget her ex. Cheese, her new partner, now acts as her manager, handling her work arrangements and providing support. Sataporn expressed that discussing the matter often leads to misunderstandings, with people blaming her despite being the victim of fraud, reported KhaoSod.

A friend who accompanied Sataporn to file the complaint mentioned that Sataporn has been extremely stressed, crying and feeling lost. Facing constant criticism and being deceived has taken a toll on her, prompting her to take legal action.

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