Thai government tackles drunk driving with new entertainment venue policies

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In a recent public announcement, Dr Cholnan Srikaew, the Minister of Public Health, addressed the rising concerns of a group affected by alcohol consumption and drunk driving incidents. They have petitioned the Thai government for effective measures to counteract the potential risks associated with the proposed extension of operational hours for entertainment venues.

As the spokesperson for Public Health, Dr Cholnan expressed to the Thai national media that the government’s policies must balance economic growth with public health considerations. Dr Cholnan emphasised that the quality of life of Thai citizens should remain a priority.

“In regards to The entertainment zoning areas that extended the services to 4am as of December 15, the Thai government has precautionary measures in place to support this according to Thai legal provisions. Especially, the protection of alcohol consumer groups aimed to prevent road accidents and other harmful acts.”

Among the proposed measures is a mandatory alcohol test for patrons before they leave entertainment venues. This test, administered by the venues themselves, would confirm that a patron’s blood alcohol level remains below the legal limit of 50 mg%.

If results show otherwise, the venue would be responsible for arranging a taxi for the individual. Another proposal seeks to prohibit patrons from driving under any circumstances, with the entertainment services providing ride-hailing options.

However, TPN has noted that these are mere proposals, and it remains unclear how they will be enforced.

Dr Cholnan also mentioned that further discussions are underway to determine whether venue owners hold the legal authority to conduct alcohol tests and refuse service to intoxicated individuals under existing laws, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, Advocates in Thailand, including the Centre for Alcohol Studies, press for a 0% blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for drivers, challenging the current 0.05% standard.

Recent fatal accidents involving drunk drivers prompt the call for stricter regulations to enhance road safety and align with WHO recommendations. Experts emphasize the potential to save thousands of lives annually through a zero-tolerance approach. Read more HERE.

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