Retired soldier fatally shot during temple ceremony in Nadi

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The tranquillity of a religious ceremony at the Burana Sattha Tham temple in Nadi, Prachinburi was abruptly shattered by gunfire at 12.20pm on November 11. The shocking incident, which took place in 2023, resulted in one fatality, a 63 year old retired soldier, identified as 2nd Lieutenant Natthakit Prasankok.

Nadi police officers, swiftly dispatched to the scene, found the victim in a critical state. He was immediately transferred to the Kabinburi Hospital. Despite the immediate medical response, 2nd Lt. Natthakit’s injuries proved fatal. The hospital’s medical officials later pronounced him dead.

One of the witnesses, Udom Sriklam, a 72 year old local attendee of the religious ceremony, provided a chilling account of the incident. According to him, Nadi locals were preparing for another religious ceremony scheduled for the following day when the alleged perpetrator drove his pickup truck onto the site and confronted the victim.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a gunshot ring out. Locals rushed to intervene, attempting to apprehend the alleged shooter in the chaos that ensued, reported The Pattaya News. The alleged perpetrator, identified as Police Lieutenant Phongphet Kongkham from the Nadi police station, managed to escape from the scene.

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In a public statement made at 6pm, Pol. Col. Natthakarn Pratumsri, the superintendent of Nadi Police Station, revealed that the victim and the alleged gunmen were not strangers. They were, in fact, relatives who had been embroiled in a dispute for a few years.

In a startling development, Pol. Lt. Phongphet reportedly confessed to his crime over a phone call with Pol. Col. Natthakarn. Following the confession, Pol. Lt. Phongphet was suspended from his duty immediately and taken into custody for further legal proceedings.

The shocking incident underscores the tragic circumstances under which personal disputes can escalate, leading to devastating consequences. It also throws into sharp relief the continuous efforts of the Nadi police officers in ensuring swift and decisive action in the face of such grave incidents.

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