Thai gold shop owner saves parents hundreds on student uniforms

Photo courtesy of Thai PBS World

A gold shop owner in Roi Et province has become a local hero by offering a unique solution to parents struggling with the cost of student uniforms.

Wimol Archasantisuk, the brains behind this heartening initiative, turned heads with his generosity.

Wimol, the compassionate owner, embarked on a mission to ease the financial burden on parents gearing up for the new semester. By distributing donated second-hand student uniforms, he estimates savings of up to 600 baht per set, comprising both blouse and skirt.

“The response has been overwhelming, with parents rallying behind the cause by donating their children’s old uniforms.”

Driven by empathy for parents resorting to pawn gold ornaments to afford uniforms, Wimol ensures fairness by encouraging parents to only take what they need, allowing others to benefit too.

“I’m thrilled by the community’s support.”

As the project gains momentum, expanding from a single day to a three-day affair.

Wimol’s dedication knows no bounds as he vows to make this an annual tradition, bringing hope to struggling families every year.

Meanwhile, in the southern province of Trang, another shop owner, Ubol Wacharoetayangkul, highlights the impact of the economic downturn on uniform purchases, reported Thai PBS World.

Ubol underlined the economic strain felt by families across Thailand.

“Parents are tightening their belts, opting for fewer uniform sets due to financial constraints.”

In related news, the Cabinet has given the nod to a 2.95 billion baht free school lunch programme for nearly half a million students nationwide for the upcoming 2025 academic year.

Karom Pholpornklang, the deputy government spokesperson, revealed the comprehensive scope of the initiative, stating that it will extend its benevolent reach across 7,344 schools throughout the country.

In other news, the United Kingdom and Thailand are primed to sign two Memorandums of Understanding within the forthcoming three months. The objective is to enhance scientific education and research, as well as improve English language proficiency among Thai students.

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