UK and Thailand to boost scientific research and English proficiency

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The United Kingdom and Thailand are primed to sign two Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) within the forthcoming three months. The objective is to enhance scientific education and research, as well as improve English language proficiency among Thai students.

These MoU agreements are the result of the recent elevation of the Thailand-UK relationship to a strategic partnership. This information was disclosed by Danny Whitehead, the Director of the British Council in Thailand, who also highlighted education as one of the primary areas for collaborative effort.

The announcement was made during the recent initiation of the Thai-UK World-class University Consortium project. Whitehead elaborated that one MoU will be signed with Thailand’s Ministry of High Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI). The focus of this agreement will be on scientific research and enhancing English language proficiency in higher education students.

The second MoU will be with the Ministry of Education and will concentrate on collaboration for English language studies in basic education.

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Whitehead expressed his enthusiasm about the changing perception of the English language in Thailand.

“It’s great to see that English language is no longer just a subject in school but has become a life skill critical not just for personal or professional use but also in helping to drive investment into Thailand.”

He also noted that improving the English language skills of Thai scientists will enable them to present their research globally, thereby garnering more international attention and recognition, reported Bangkok Post.

Punpermsak Aruni, the head of the Strategic Management Division at MHESI, expressed optimism about the benefits of the bilateral exchange for the country’s research field.

“After the MoUs are signed, it might take a long time to scale up the process. If successful, it will help to raise Thai education to a world-class standard.”

In related news, Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai and Lord Dominic Johnson of Lainston CBE, along with British Ambassador Mark Gooding, engaged in a diplomatic meeting to discuss economic collaboration between the UK and Thailand.

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