Thai farm worker killed in Israel, wife mourns unexpected loss

Photo: Sanook.

A 39 year old Thai farm worker from Kalasin, Thailand, was tragically killed in Israel yesterday, leaving his wife in shock as they had just spoken that morning. The victim, identified as Somkuan Phansadat, had been working on a farm in Israel when he was caught up in an act of violence perpetrated by Hamas, seen by many in the West as a Palestinian militant group.

Reports from Nakhon Phanom province have indicated that three more Thai labourers are missing following the violent incident in Israel.

The Employment Office in Nakhon Phanom confirmed the death of Somkuan, who had recently moved to Nakhon Phanom province to live with his wife.

His grieving family is now in contact with the Department of Employment to facilitate the repatriation of his body. His 31 year old wife, Rungthiwa Rueangrit, confirmed that Somkuan had been killed yesterday evening after losing contact with him on Facebook, a platform they used to communicate daily.

Somkuan had been working in Israel for less than a year and was due to complete his one-year contract this month.

On the day of the incident, Rungthiwa had a video call with her husband in the morning and noticed no unusual signs. Somkuan told her about the ongoing conflict in the area, but he seemed to be living normally.

Failed escape

Shortly after he fell asleep, Rungthiwa sent him a message advising him to stay safe and avoid going out. A while later, a friend of Somkuan’s sent her a message informing her that heavily armed men had stormed into their place.

Somkuan had tried to escape through a window but was unsuccessful. The armed men captured him and shot him dead. His friend managed to escape during the chaos, reported Sanook.

Rungthiwa tearfully recalled that before the incident, Somkuan often complained about his hardships and fatigue. But during their video calls, he did not reveal much about his living conditions, mostly complaining about being tired.

He had promised her that he would work in Israel for five years and save money to return and live with his family in Nakhon Phanom. He planned to start a business, but his dreams were cut short by this tragic incident.

Rungthiwa is now unsure about the procedures to repatriate her husband’s body and is awaiting coordination by Thai authorities. She plans to conduct the funeral as per traditional rites in their native Kalasin province in Nakhon Phanom, after consulting with other family members.

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