Historic satellite launch rescheduled: Thai THEOS-2

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Thailand’s second earth observation satellite, THEOS-2, is slated to be launched once more from the French Guiana spaceport.

Supamas Isarabhakdi, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), revealed the launch would occur at 8.36am today. This comes after the initial launch attempt on October 7 was halted due to minor signal irregularities detected in the last 14 seconds from the launch equipment.

The signal irregularity that occurred during the preparation for the launch of THEOS-2 was a matter of utmost concern, as it fell well outside the stringent acceptance criteria that had been meticulously set for the launch equipment.

The parameters and standards for such missions are rigorously established to ensure the safety and success of space endeavours. In this case, the irregularity triggered an automatic system shutdown, highlighting the critical nature of adhering to these criteria.

However, the setback was met with a swift and comprehensive response. Arianespace, the renowned space launch company, immediately initiated a thorough analysis and problem-solving procedure to identify the root cause of the signal irregularity. Their team of dedicated engineers and experts worked tirelessly to rectify the issue and ensure that all systems were once again operating at the highest level of readiness.

With the successful resolution of the technical challenge, Arianespace confirmed that the launch of THEOS-2 was back on track. This was met with great enthusiasm not only by the involved teams but also by the people of Thailand.

Livestream launch

In recognition of the importance of this mission to the nation, Thai citizens were warmly invited to participate and show their support for THEOS-2.

To facilitate this, GISTDA, the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, made arrangements for a livestreaming of the launch event.

The livestream was made accessible to the public through GISTDA’s YouTube and Facebook pages, offering a window into the thrilling world of space exploration.

Furthermore, media outlets were encouraged to share this livestreaming coverage, enabling a wider audience to witness this historic moment.

GISTDA provided dedicated channels for the media to access the live stream, ensuring that news organizations could easily broadcast the event to their viewers.

During the live broadcast, experienced satellite engineers were on hand to provide commentary and insights, enriching the experience for all viewers. Their expertise added depth to the understanding of the mission and its significance, reported Khaosod.

Thai PM support

The Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) expressed profound gratitude to the Prime Minister, Settha Thavisin, for his unwavering encouragement and full support throughout the process.

Additionally, the 61 year old Thai prime minister extended heartfelt thanks to the Thai people for their genuine interest and their dedication to following the launch of THEOS-2.

It was emphasized that this mission was not only a milestone for MHESI but also a momentous achievement for the entire nation, reflecting Thailand’s commitment to advancing in the field of space technology and exploration.

The successful launch of THEOS-2 stood as a testament to the nation’s capabilities and aspirations in the realm of space.

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