Thai family hides patriarch’s death from grandmother

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A family in Thailand chose to keep the death of a beloved grandfather a secret from his wife, fearing the news might worsen her health. Their touching story today reveals the depth of their concern for the grandmother, who remains unaware of her husband’s passing.

As the family navigates this delicate situation, they receive widespread admiration on social media for their dedication and the exceptional care provided by the grandchildren.

The couple had been each other’s caregivers throughout their illnesses. The grandfather had been particularly attentive when his wife underwent serious brain surgery. However, when he became seriously ill and had to be hospitalised, the roles reversed, and she became his primary caregiver.

As his condition declined and hospital visits became more frequent, she would often ask for him. The family would reassure her that he was simply seeing the doctor and would return soon.

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On a fateful day when the grandfather was close to passing, the family brought the grandmother to the hospital, where, due to his physical changes, she couldn’t recognise him. The family decided then that they would spare her the pain of losing her lifelong companion.

Within 30 minutes of their visit, the grandfather passed away, and the family resolved to keep the grandmother in the dark about his death, worried about the potential impact on her already fragile health.

During the grandfather’s funeral, the grandmother told visitors that they were attending her brother’s funeral, not her husband’s. To protect her, the family avoided displaying any black and white photographs or writing his obituary.

After the funeral, the family moved the grandmother to a new home, far from where she had lived with her husband, telling her that he had returned to their provincial home.

Since then, the grandmother has not asked about her husband, although she did go through a period of solitary grieving. The family suspects that, on some level, she senses his absence.

Now, the family, especially her grandchildren, whom she raised, are taking meticulous care of her, ensuring she never feels alone, reported Khaosod.

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