Thai EV Club member sparks a ‘charged’ frenzy with Bangkok station surprise


A conversation in the EV Club Thailand Group on Facebook has gone viral, after one of its members, known as Penguin1, shared photos of four cars parked in an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. All four cars were seen plugged into the charging stations, with a message from Penguin1 stating, “All four cars at the ‘charging station’ in Ladprao, Bangkok, I’ve helped you plug into the charger.”

The person who shared the chat images said…

“Thank you on behalf of the friends, today Penguin1 helped to plug the charging cable for the car owner. The car owner may have been in a hurry and forgot to plug the cable. PS. Please check your app, if you haven’t unplugged the cable, it might cost a lot.”

The post attracted numerous comments, with the majority expressing satisfaction as this method could potentially penalise drivers who park at the EV charging station without charging their vehicles.

In addition to the charging fee, these drivers will incur an additional fee for leaving their cars parked with the charging cable plugged in. This fee is unavoidable as it is linked to the credit card of the vehicle owner.

For those who did not link a credit card, the outstanding amount will become a debt. Upon entering their card details, they will be charged immediately.

To avoid these charges, they would have to forgo using the supercharger for the entirety of their vehicle’s life. It is uncertain whether this outstanding amount would be included when visiting the service centre.

The fee for leaving a car parked in a charging slot is 12 baht per minute. If the station is 100% occupied, the fee for leaving a car parked in a charging slot increases to 24 baht per minute, reported Sanook.

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