Upskirt offender’s capture unfolds in Bangkok, skirt-chasing days over for Thai pervert

Picture courtesy of Khaosod.

A 29 year old Thai pervert has been arrested in Bangkok for illicitly upskirt filming unsuspecting women. The arrest follows a warrant issued by the South Bangkok Criminal Court on September 15.

The Thai pervert and upskirt offender, Thitisan, also known as Title, who allegedly comes from a wealthy family and holds a degree from a prestigious university, confessed to the crimes, citing his interest in voyeuristic pornography and a desire for a challenge during his unemployment period as reasons behind his actions.

Thitisan was apprehended on October 1, in the Thung Song Hong sub-district of the Lak Si District in Bangkok. His arrest followed multiple reports from victims who had been filmed without their consent in various shopping malls and on pedestrian bridges.

The authorities seized a mobile phone and a computer during the arrest, which contained more than 873 illicit clips from the Thai pervert, featuring over 430 victims, including 160 schoolgirls.

Thitisan’s statement reveals that he had been engaged in such activities for over seven years, intermittently, targeting young women wearing skirts. His preferred locations were shopping malls, stationery shops, and escalators, where he found it easier to commit the offence unnoticed. Despite the presence of CCTV cameras, he expressed confidence in his ability to commit the crime without detection.

Authorities from the Pathum Wan Police Station, where Thitisan and the evidence were taken, expressed doubt over the completeness of his confession. They believe there may be more victims, as the seized computer is yet to be fully data-mined.

They have therefore urged anyone who believes they may have fallen victim to Thitisan’s crimes to report to the Urban Investigation Facebook page, IDMB.

The incident serves as a stark reminder for parents to be vigilant of their children’s safety in public places.

Thitisan’s actions have caused significant harm, particularly to young women, and the authorities are committed to rapid data recovery to prevent further damage. The case against the Thai pervert continues to be processed in accordance with the law, Khaosod reported.

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Atima Homtientong

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