Thai cop accused of cheating on wife, impregnating teenage mistress

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A Thai woman is seeking justice after her police sub-lieutenant husband cheated on her and impregnated his 17 year old teenage mistress. The police officer allegedly assaulted and threatened his wife to accept the polyamorous relationship as the teenager is seven months pregnant.

The 55 year old Thai woman from the Isaan province of Roi Et told her story to the non-profit organisation Be One and asked them to help her seek justice. She told the organisation that her husband not only cheated on her but was also guilty of child abduction by engaging in sexual activities with a minor.

The woman explained that she married the police officer over 20 years ago but had no children because her husband was allegedly infertile. She caught him cheating for the first time in 2019 when he allegedly spoke on the phone with his mistress, who was 14 at the time.

She asked her husband to stop talking to her and he promised to do so. However, in 2021, the wife discovered that her husband and the girl were still in contact and had already engaged in sexual activity.

After the woman found out about the affair, the teenage mistress began bombarding her with photos and videos featuring herself alongside the woman’s police officer husband, all while hurling insults her way.

The woman said she began to argue with her husband more often due to the pictures and videos the mistress sent her and he physically assaulted her. She had to stay in a hotel or with relatives on several occasions to escape the police officer’s physical assaults.

The woman added that she was stressed and twice attempted to commit suicide. She is now seeking treatment and medical consults to prevent the situation.

Police complaint

The woman added that she complained to the police about the physical assaults and reported her husband’s dishonest behaviour to his commanders but to no avail.

According to the woman, the policeman asked for a divorce in November last year, saying that his mistress was pregnant. This made her curious because she and her husband could not have a child despite having unprotected sex.

The woman added that she talked to the mistress’s family but their response shocked her. The mistress’s parents supported their daughter.

“What can we do if they love each other? We must let them be together.”

The woman said she wanted to file a complaint against her husband for his dishonest behaviour and sexual relationship with a minor. The organisation then facilitated the legal process and accompanied her to report the matter to the Mueang Roi Et Police Station.

The superintendent of the police station, Charit Sihanu, reported that the police officer had breached police regulations by engaging in an affair. The penalty for this misconduct would be determined by the Royal Thai Police and may not necessarily result in dismissal.

Charit explained that the woman could not file a complaint for sexual relations with a minor because it was a matter for the teenager’s parents.

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