Cop’s alleged mistress cries foul: Betrayed and financially ‘cuffed’ by high-ranking officer

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The alleged mistress of a high-ranking police officer filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police (RTP) claiming that she was betrayed by her lover who did not provide the financial support he promised. She also accused him of embezzling the RTP budget for personal gain.

The mistress, named A, yesterday, July 12, visited the RTP Office in Bangkok to file a complaint against her lover, a superintendent at Lob Buri Provincial Police in the central province of Lob Buri. A explained that she entered into a relationship with the police officer in 2018, lured by a promise he would divorce his wife.

The officer’s wife found out about their secret relationship and kicked him out of the house. However, the wife later won him back in 2019. The officer said he could not divorce his wife and gave his mistress 1 million baht as compensation.

The mistress later learned that she was pregnant with the policeman’s child and informed him about the good news. The officer agreed to pay child maintenance every month so she could take care of the child.

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Their relationship continued for over five years. The officer gave her between 30,000 to 50,000 baht per month which increased to 100,000 baht per month after he was promoted to the position of police station superintendent.

In November of last year, A stated that the officer stopped transferring money to her. Suspecting foul play, she decided to hire a private investigator to monitor her lover’s actions and learned that the officer cheated on her and his wife with another woman.

She filed a complaint to the RTP about the issue but no progress has been made on the case. The superintendent also threatened her not to make the issue public for the safety of herself and her family.

The spurned mistress also accused her police lover of embezzling RTP funds for personal use. She noticed a discrepancy between the unnamed officer’s actual earnings and the excessive amount of money he possessed. A speculated that he might have been using the funds to spend on the other woman.

A added that the police officer’s wife also sued her for being her husband’s mistress, demanding compensation of over 1 million baht.

The mistress demanded the RTP conduct an investigation on the issue and punish the officer. The mistress added she did not care if the police officer lost his job as she received no money from him.

The RTP has not provided an update on the case, whether they have considered A’s complaint or what the subsequent steps in the process will be.

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