Northeast Thailand: Couples in Buriram left high and dry as wedding planner breaches contract

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Several couples reported a renowned wedding planning and bridal gown rental shop in Buriram for breach of contract.

The couples, who had scheduled their weddings for today (November 25), were left hanging as the shop failed to set up wedding scenes or provide the agreed-upon bridal outfits. The local police station in Buriram received multiple complaints from disgruntled couples who had suffered losses due to the shop’s failure to fulfil the agreed-upon services.

The shop, located in the city of Buriram, allegedly refused to set up wedding scenes or backdrops as previously agreed. Moreover, the bridal outfits provided did not match the agreed-upon designs.

It’s noted that most of the couples had already paid a deposit and had scheduled their weddings for the following day. When the couples inquired at the shop, they found no shop owner but only a staff member present.

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In response to these complaints, the police officials visited the shop. They found several brides, grooms, and their relatives in the shop to inquire about their orders, but the shop owner was nowhere to be found.

The police attempted to mediate between the aggrieved parties and the shop staff. The staff tried their best to arrange bridal outfits for the affected customers for their weddings the next day.

However, the shop staff were unable to arrange the wedding scenes or bridal makeovers as the shop owner was not present. The staff advised any unsatisfied customers to file a formal complaint at the police station with their supporting documents.

One of the grooms, who had planned to get married at a resort today, contacted the shop through Facebook. They had agreed on a package that included setting up a wedding scene, renting bridal outfits, and providing make-up services for 14,000 baht.

He had already paid a deposit of 10,000 baht. However, the shop did not provide the agreed-upon services, and the bridal outfits were not as promised.

Inquiry at shop

When the groom inquired at the shop, the owner was not present, and only a staff member was there to respond. The staff tried to provide what was available at the shop, which was not entirely satisfactory, but he had no choice but to accept it as his wedding was the next day.

He also had to find a solution for the wedding scene and make-up services himself. He expressed his disappointment at the unexpected situation on his special day and said he would consult his family about whether to file a complaint, reported KhaoSod.

On the other hand, a staff member from the wedding planning shop, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that he was not aware of the issues because he was only responsible for preparing the equipment and make-up for the shop owner.

He stated that the shop owner had left in the afternoon and he didn’t know where he went. He further added that around four to five couples came in to inquire about their wedding arrangements, and he tried to help by providing the available outfits.

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