Thai amulets come to blockchain, blessed by grandmaster of spells and charms

Phot via Crypto Amulets.

Thailand is introducing Thai amulets on the blockchain. Crypto Amulets are selling Amulet non-fungible tokens (i.e., NFTs). However, unlike other NFTS, this crypto has been blessed by a grand master monk of spells and charms.

The monk is LP Heng and the company’s website that sells Crypto Amulets touts the monk for his mystical powers.

The company, Crypto Amulets, praises their NFTs, saying:

Thai amulet is highly valued because it has millions of collectors all around the globe with $1.25 billion of value traded every year!

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The website has made 8,000 artworks available across 8 tiers. They run the gamut from wood to gold, as well as stone and crystal. Prices begin at.02 Ethereums (1,610 baht) to.8 Ethereums (64, 564 baht).

The company intends to make its next “drop” (auction of new, blessed NFTs) in 11 short days. Crypto holders will be able to make bids until 24 hours prior to the drop. However, the artwork a buyer will receive remains a mystery.

Those that purchase their NFT will have full control and commercial rights. Also, they will get “good merit” because up to 18% of the profits will be donated to an unspecified beneficiary.

Crypto Amulets has this to say about their NFT blessing monk:

LP Heng born on 11 August 1927 resides at Wat Pattana Thammaram temple, in Surin Province of Thailand. LP Heng, a 95 yrs old monk, is a grand master of spells and charms.

LP Heng has a rich history span all through his existence. Many miracle stories and encounters of LP Heng and his amulets or charm can be found in the internet.

LP Heng Amulets are highly sought for its luck enhancement, wealth fetching, protection, miracle happening and success. The temple counter hardly has any of his amulet available as they are all snatched up by collectors during sales launch

Interested buyers of these one of a kind NFTs can hop over to the company’s website.

Last month Thailand unveiled a PM Prayut-themed Thai meme crypto. However, it was not blessed by a monk.

Thailand requires in person registration for cryptocurrency.

SOURCE: Coconuts

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