Stage to squalor: Tenant misconduct unveils drama in a dirty condo

Photo: KhaoSod.

A case of shocking tenant misconduct involving a young woman and her boyfriend, both of whom hold degrees in acting, came to light when the owner of the rented condo exposed the deplorable state of their apartment. The initial account of this incident was shared by a disgruntled TikTok user who had rented out the property, only to discover that the seemingly tidy and attractive tenant had turned the property into a pigsty.

The owner, who had engaged a letting agency to find tenants, conceded that he had never met the female tenant in person and had only communicated with her through the LINE application. After several months without receiving rent, he decided to pay a visit to the property. However, the tenant refused to open the door.

With the use of a spare key, the owner gained entry to find a man smoking a cigarette in an apartment that was not only revoltingly smelly but also strewn with litter. After pressing the man to clean up and settle the overdue rent, the owner was directed to speak with the female tenant, a 20 year old woman, and her boyfriend.

Despite the tenants’ pleasant demeanour, the misconduct became untenable. After a year of continuous problems, including complaints from neighbours about odours and cat noises, the owner asked the tenants to move out. They agreed to leave within a week, but when the due date arrived, they asked for a delay, and subsequently, all contact was lost.

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The owner eventually decided to enter the property and found it in an appalling state. All the furniture was ruined. New mattresses and sofas needed to be purchased, and appliances including the TV and refrigerator were broken. The room was filled with rotting garbage, and the bathroom was in the worst condition, with faeces overflowing from the toilet. It seemed the water had been cut off for over five months reported KhaoSod.

The 20 year old tenant appeared neat and clean and had signed a one-year lease. After a while, she was joined by her boyfriend, a very handsome man who also happened to be a degree-holding actor.

The story goes to show that appearances can be deceptive.

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