Tenant leaves condo in shocking state after not paying rent for 4 months

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The owner of a luxury condominium reported a shocking discovery after opening a rented room to find it packed with garbage. The tenant, a beautiful young woman, had been renting the room for four months and claimed she was unable to clean it up because she had undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Yesterday, the owner of the high-end condominium reported via the “Morning Tales” Facebook page that they had leased the room for one year to a young woman for 10,000 baht per month. Throughout the past year, the woman had been paying her rent as agreed. However, during the period between February and April, the tenant failed to pay her rent. The owner contacted her to settle the rent arrears or vacate the premise, and the woman agreed to clear her debts in instalments. The owner generously allowed her to do so.

Despite these arrangements, the young tenant disappeared once again, and the landlord could not reach her. Out of concern, the owner decided to inspect the room, only to find it in an appalling state. Instead of the once well-maintained condo, the room had turned into a storage room filled with rubbish – used sanitary pads, food waste, and even a refrigerator filled with rotten items and crawling with maggots. The bathroom also resembled a garbage dump.

Upon further contact with the tenant, the young woman informed that she could not yet pay off the arrears and needed more time. She also stated that she was unable to collect her belongings at the moment due to her recent breast augmentation surgery. The landlord, however, was unwilling to wait any longer and insisted on terminating the rental agreement. The young woman asserted that she could not come to collect her belongings or move out any time soon.

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The owner announced that all the young woman’s belongings had been put in storage at the condominium’s communal area, and warned her that if she failed to pick them up, they would be discarded as rubbish. Despite providing all the necessary details and instructions, the tenant remained unresponsive.

The landlord admitted being shocked by the situation and had never envisioned that a well-presented, beautiful young woman would live in such a manner. The owner said it was reminiscent of something that only happens on the news and never imagined it would happen to them, reports Sanook.

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