Tattoo artist stumped by gold necklace left at studio (video)

Picture courtesy of @ armanucha1 TikTok

A tattoo artist was left in a state of shock when a customer forgot a large gold necklace at his studio and then became unreachable. This incident, which occurred yesterday, April 20, was shared on TikTok by the username @armanucha1, who found themselves in a perplexing situation with no clear course of action after discovering the valuable item left behind.

The video posted by the tattoo artist showcases two thick gold necklaces with Buddha pendants, which were inadvertently left by a customer who had visited the studio for a tattoo session. Upon realizing the customer’s oversight, the artist attempted to make contact to return the items, only to find that the studio had seemingly been blocked by the customer, making communication impossible.

As the video circulated online, it attracted a significant number of views and comments. The majority of responses were humorous, with many users joking about the situation. Yet, amidst the jests, there were also various suggestions on how to handle such a find.

One commenter shared their experience from working at a hotel in Bangkok, where a similar situation had occurred with a diamond-encrusted gold ring left behind by a guest. According to the hotel’s policy, if lost items are not claimed within a year, they become the property of the person who found them.

Another individual recounted a cautionary tale of a customer who accused them of attempting to return a fake gold necklace after they had left it in the person’s home. This resulted in the need to provide video evidence to prove the authenticity of the jewellery before the customer was convinced and finally accepted it back, reported KhaoSod.

Amidst the advice and stories, some users questioned whether the video was genuine or simply content created for entertainment. However, the tattoo artist insisted that the gold was real and not counterfeit.

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